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(954) 360-7328

7495 West Atlantic Ave, Delray Bch, FL 33446

Sun & Mon – Closed | Tue – Fri 9:30am – 5:30pm | Sat 9am – 4pm

“Serving South Florida for over 40 Years!”

Charlie Cipriano, the owner of Charlie Vacs Vacuum Store in Delray Beach, Florida, has seen a wide variety of vacuum cleaners come and go over the years. And when it comes to choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your home, there are a few things you should consider.

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether bagless like Dyson vacuums or bagged vacuums like Miele and Riccar vacuums are the better choice. In Charlie’s experience, bagged vacuum cleaners are generally the better option for a few reasons:

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Are Less Messy To Empty

Bagless Vacuums - Bagless Vacuum vs Bagged Vacuum

First and foremost, bagged vacuum cleaners are less messy to empty. With a bagged vacuum cleaner, all the dirt and debris is collected in a disposable bag that can be easily removed and thrown away. With a bagless vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, you need to detach the container that holds the dirt and debris and empty it into a trash bag. This process can be quite messy and is prone to release fine particles of dust back into the air.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Leak More Dust

Another disadvantage of bagless vacuum cleaners is that they leak more dust. This can happen if the container that holds the dirt and debris isn’t properly sealed or if the filter is not in good condition. This can be a problem for people with allergies or asthma, as it can cause the vacuum cleaner to release allergens back into the air.

Bagless Vacuums Require Expensive Filters

Additionally, bagless vacuum cleaners typically have more expensive filters that need to be replaced more often than the bags in bagged vacuum cleaners. These filters can add to the cost of ownership over time, and if not replaced regularly, it can affect the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Don’t Last As Long as Vacuums That Use Bags

Finally, vacuum professionals believe that bagless vacuum cleaners do not last as long as vacuum cleaners with bags as witnessed in their vacuum cleaner service departments. However, with proper care and maintenance, some bagless vacuum cleaners can last longer than others, however from Charlie Vacs’ over 30 years of experience, it is rare that a bagless vacuum of equal quality will last as long as a bagged vacuum cleaner.

When considering a bagged vacuum cleaner, it’s important to note that they do have their own set of disadvantages, such as the added cost of purchasing bags frequently and having limited capacity to hold dirt before needing to be replaced, however, these are minor inconveniences overall and are outweighed overall by the many other advantages seen in vacuums with bags.

Charlie Vacs recommends you consider some of the best models available on the market like Riccar Miele, Oreck, and Titan. These models have bagged vacuums that offer powerful suction, a variety of attachments for different cleaning tasks, and high-efficiency filters that trap dust and allergens. They are also built with durable materials and have a long lifespan.

Ultimately, the decision between a bagless or bagged vacuum cleaner is a personal one, and it will depend on your specific needs and preferences. But as a professional with decades of experience in the vacuum cleaner industry, Charlie Vacs highly recommends going with a bagged vacuum cleaner for its durability, efficiency, convenience, and overall performance.

If you have any doubts or need some help in choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home, our team of experts at Charlie Vacs Vacuum Store in Delray Beach, Florida is always here to help you out. Just stop by our store or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide hands-on demonstrations of all equipment that we sell.